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If you said yes, then lets get ready to win together.  Facebook ads are the most effective forms of advertising for local businesses, and service professionals.  People are addicted to checking Facebook all day long.  We know how to get your company in front of everyone you want to reach and drive sales to your business.  We're not just placing ads and saying good luck.  Our goal is to get you sales not just people looking at your ads, and we wont stop until you do.

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Even If You Failed Before
The most common objection we hear is Facebook ads wont work for my business.  This is absolutely false.  We have sold consumer products, financial services, spinal surgery, cosmetic surgery, food, and countless other items all on Facebook ads.  Most of the time the problem is in the execution and lack of marketing knowledge. From ad to sale is a complicated process that must be measured, tracked, evaluated, optimized, and repeated over and over. This is our value and where we shine!
Even If You Think It's Expensive
The second most common objection is it's too expensive, and for some it just might be.  Advertising is a science and a critical part of that science is gathering data to learn from.   When we launch any new ad campaign the first week is all data gathering, adjusting ad copy, images, and targeting to hone in on the people who are going to buy.  This is a meticulous process but when done right the amount you yield in new sales will far outweigh the costs to advertise.  Most fail because they expect immediate results and see no sales as failure, as opposed to a learning experience
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We Know How Success Is Achieved
We've been spending our own money on facebook for the last 8 years, a sizable 6 figures a month every month.  We run several marketing and product campaigns, and we LOVE online advertising.  Unfortunately we can't start every type of business we would love to advertise, and we know our core competency is Facebook advertising, so we are using our skills to help local businesses harness the power of Facebook ads to flood their business with new customers.    Below is one of our business ad accounts, over $820K spent which generated approximately $700K in net profits.
We've been advertising online for almost two decades. We understand it's not just the ad but the entire process that determines your success.  We can make what looks like a simple change and turn your whole business around. It looks easy but only because we tried the other 150 ways and failed before we learned that simple trick.  When you want to win, you hire a winner.  See our results below then schedule your free market analysis with our team.
We Let Our Results Speak For Themselves
Financial Services Firm Received Over 14K Leads Resulting in Over $1,470,000 in Sales
Online Retailer Selling High End Consumer Electronics With an Average Order Size of Over $120, Almost $250,000 in Sales
Medical/Wellness Client.  Over 100 New Patients.
Our Results Are Shocking But True
  We've spent years mastering our craft so you don't have to.  

Fill out the form above so we can give you a FREE analysis and help you expand and grow your business with Facebook ads.  If you tried them in the past and failed it's not Facebook it's you! I'm sure if we tried your business, we would fail too.  Let us take your business to the next level.
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